Enumclaw’s Rotary Theme: Lose Yourself in Service

July 13, 2017. President Kirk Parce actually showed up today to lead our meeting. He had some lame excuse involving a vacation at a national park. So I checked up on him with fb and it does seem he and Wendy were in Glacier National Park. Kirk, let’s stick around Enumclaw and lead the club. You can have fun when your term is over.


President Kirk previewed his yearly plan to those of us who attended the joint Board Meeting and reiterated it last Thursday. Kirk is carrying on the President Mike’s regime by establishing goals for adding new members and he also seems to have further plans for us. He has broken down the year into 4 parts. We are now in the first quarter: Dreaming of Possibilities. This quarter includes the Street Fair, the Senior Center Picnic, handing out pencils the first day of school, DG Alex Hopkins club visit and a social at Scott
Grey’s place. Oh, and our regular meetings and guest speakers. And we are supposed to have fun. I, myself, live for fun so this year will be great for me.


The Street Fair is next weekend, July 28 and 29. 62 vendors signed up as of our last meeting and Jill has such abundant energy she will either push or pull enough of us to make this Fair a success. There can be no sitting on the fence with this project. I hope you are signed up to work at least one day. I saw Guido skulking around town looking for slackers.


Membership Update:

We have 47 members

43 are “actual” members

Our goal is 55 members


It’s the weekend of Rotary Fair

The whole town soon will be there

We’ll buy ice cream and rivets

Popcorn and trivets

And a fuzzy, velveteen bear.*


Respectfully submitted,


Laura Curnan


*It is difficult to write a limerick suitable for everyone.

Club Communique

June 8, 2017


Many years ago the esteemed Dr. Zech wrote a club newsletter he called The Worker. It was a conglomeration of club news, Dr. Zech’s opinions, really strange spelling, and arcane dating methods. You could never breeze through The Worker; there were several twists and turns before you could digest this twice monthly bulletin. Dr. Zech told me he sometimes got in trouble with club members who were angry with what he wrote. Opinions, you know. So when I was asked to write a club newsletter I had to think about it because the writer’s personal bias will always show through and I want people to like me!


Last evening there was a joint meeting of the old Board and the new Board. Mike Nelson has done a fine job this year – a joyful job! Mike mostly kept us on-task (which is sometimes difficult), veering only slightly when we didn’t have Book Club day. (I read Pencils and thought it had many valuable lessons. But when the first meeting of the month rolled around I needed a lot of prompting to remember what was in those chapters.) We had good speakers – even the District people were interesting. We’ve given money to worthy projects and helped students with college expenses. And we are ending the year with money in the bank.


That said you can expect to hear from me every other week reporting on club doings. Kind of like minutes but maybe a little more interesting. We’ll see . . .


Respectfully submitted,

Laura Curnan